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Marc-28, 2016 | Mimpi-Menja

SpiritDance SoulSong Training
April 7- May 5 2016

Dear Dancers, Singers, Expressive, Somatic & Healing Artists,

We think you will love your experience at SpiritDance SoulSong Teacher Training at Desa Seni, Canguu, Bali, Indonesia! Here's Why!

Touching Essence™: Esalen® Massage and Essential Oils

WEEK OF MAY 17-22 at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA

2015年5月 エサレン研究所でのアドバンスワークショップ

This spring MovingVentures returns from Bali to teach at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA! Join Us!
The artistry of a skilled Esalen® Massage practitioner is recognized among connoisseurs of bodywork all over the world.  Come join us in Big Sur, at Moving Ventures homeland of Esalen!


Bali BISA! 

MAY 23-25, 2015 - module I
JUNE 1-5, 2015 - module II
AUGUST 31-SEPT 4, 2015 - module I
SEPT 7-11, 2015 - module II
FEB 2016 - modules III - V

Prepare to wrap yourself in Mother Nature's powerful embrace on Indonesia's best know island, Bali.

Like so many people who visit the “Island of Gods Bali", Bali’s compelling charm, her peoples and their culture cast a spell over Ellen.  First falling in love with the island's fabric, then the people and their culture, Ellen has been bringing people to Bali since the mid '90's.

There is a magical magnet in the island’s heart which is palpable as you settle into the natural rhythms, the ceremonies, the lush jungles, the rice paddies and the warm and inviting seas.

Certainly, there are parts of Bali that have succumbed to the urbanization which has today affected so much of the developing world, yet the essence of its gracious hospitality remains in the Balinese people themselves. Despite the influence of modern technology, their hearts and spirits remain deeply rooted in their Anamistic & Hindu-based religious tradition.

This is evident in their daily lives where colorful offerings are displayed on street corners and in ceremonial boxes. Gamelan practices can be regularly heard in community temples, and though a Western ear may take time to acclimate, the emotion and dedication of the musicians is something you will recognize from the beginning.

Every family compound has their own temple within the walls, which is sacred to them, an indication that spirituality is a significant part of the Balinese daily life. There is no more of a spectacular photo opportunity than a procession of Balinese families in traditional wear Parading to the temple for countless ceremonies,  in their traditional garments, is captivating and offers spectacular photo memories. Our programs offer participation in rituals and ceremonies with local friends.

The culture of Bali is set in breathtaking panoramas of cultivated rice terraces, towering volcanic mountains, and pristine beaches of black and white sand. 

Bali's agrarian practices (growing rice, harvesting sea salt, cultivating coffee, cloves, cinnamon, & vanilla) allows sufficient free time to develop its world-renowned talented artisans, who skillfully craft jewelry, stone & wood carvings, paintings, gold & silver threaded fabrics, sarongs, & wall hangings. While visiting Bali, we can arrange an excursion to one of Indonesia's 13,000 inhabited islands, for diving, surfing, snorkeling, and an immersion in sleepy seaside & inland villages where time has stood still. 

About Embodied MovingMeditation Practices:  

SpiritDance SoulSongTM,  5RhythmsTM,  Yoga,  Touching EssenceTM,  Ellen Watsons' Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, Qi Gung,  HolotropicTM Breathwork,  and Spiritual Healing are among the practices offered at inspiring locations around the world. Embodied Practices provide powerful catalysts for expanded personal and collective awareness.  Expanded awareness & personal presence support heightened consciousness and assist you in replacing limiting thoughts and behaviors with a greater range of choices.  Greater consciousness opens the doorway to paradigm shifts within your being.

Join MovingVentures' retreats and trainings for personal healing & growth, professional development, continuing education or service in a developing country. Bring with you, your curiosity,  your fascination and your sense of adventure while we explore & experience together new ways of living, and being alive in the world today.

In 2015 & 2016, Join MovingVentures International Healing Arts as we travel to Bali, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Europe & the UK.  In the US we visit Boston, Asheville, Charleston, West Newbury, Miami, Santa Barbara, and be sure to join us at our Mother Church,  Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

For more information visit our about us page, 503c pages, and our workshops pages... and begin packing your bags!

Come Celebrate!!
Ellen will be inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in July!! 

World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

July 12-15, 2015
Michigan City, Indiana

 "To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, 
to educate therapists about different types of massage and to have fun."


Moving Ventures is collaborating with "Bridging Heaven and Earth" 
Media and Healing Art for Awakening 

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Show Up & Teach is dedicated to producing sustainable events that benefit local populations as well as all who journey to Bali; we practice the 6 R's: Rethink, Refuse, Resist, Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. We work closely with other local and international NGO's, orphanages, birthing clinics, disabled peoples villages, who are in service to the unseen local populations, of women and children.  Download PDF


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