Our Customers Testimonials

From Jade,
"The kind of movement that you have brought me is absolutely beyond any description. I have found the goal, the belief, even the sensation to devote my life for."
From Kazuyo,

"Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for your warm massage. I feel peace, joy, happy, cute and loveable. You always so sweet and cute. You look like a fairy and flower bird (humming). With gratitude and love, Kazuyo" Posted: 4/28/10

From Kanae,

"Dear Ellen, Thank you very much. I am glad to meet you. You give me dancing music CD..Amazing!!! I love your color...like Bali. I want to be you...really, Ellen. I drive for being you. And, I want to go my way. My name is Kana. Kana means, "Play the music" in Japanese. I will come dance with you again. Let's play music and sing a song together. My email is......I love you and will see you next year." Kanae   Posted: 4/28/10

From Reiko,

"Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for making CDs for us. We listened to them last night; they were so beautiful. I am so impressed because I felt your big love like a pink cloud coming over all of us. You are like fairy. With lots of love, Reiko"    Posted: 4/28/10

From Lara,

"Obrigada Ellen, Milnoes de vezes Obrigada!!  You teach me how to live in a different way, how to dance. You teach me I can use my feet! and if I use them, they can move my body, and breathing I can live and be happy! I am learning how to breathe!!!!  THANK YOU FOREVER!" Lara ♥    Posted: 4/28/10

From Cat Kabira,

"What I loved most about the journey with Ellen and Daphne was that they kept it fresh and surprising. Even on days when I felt tired or not so ecstatic, I loved how, no matter what, by the end I left smiling, feeling content, soul-expanded and happy that I came. Daphne and Ellen have such comfortable energies that make dance and singing (two things that are easy to feel shy about) approachable and fun. Actually I forgot how much I love singing, dancing and playing instruments and ever since the workshop, I've been doing a lot of it everyday. There's more to this though. There's a depth to this joy. An understanding of how we're all interrelated. The necessity of us shining brighter so that we can all get lit. With all of this unleashing of bliss, playfulness, and creativity I also felt kissed by the gods at different moments and felt truly blessed to have been a participant. Daphne and Ellen's skills, wisdom, curiousity, willingness, and experimental natures make their workshop a journey one not to be missed." Cat Kabira  Posted:4/24/10

From Patrick Curtin,

"As a long time explorer of yoga, I have learned the importance trying new practices with an open mind. When the opportunity to join Ellen and Daphne's work shop presented itself, I jumped on it, not really knowing what to expect, having no experience with ecstatic dance and the thought of singing in front of others made me cringe.

My experience was just awesome! Ellen's years of experience and wisdom expressed itself in her subtle guidance through the dance portion and helped me find yet another wonderful and powerful vehicle to connect with the divine.( and so much fun!) She weaves ancient with modern wisdom teachings, ecstatic poetry, and invited us to explore our relationship to self, other, family, community & the world; she took us on a Dervish Journey helping me experience a sense of childhood freedom, glee and wonder.

Daphne shares her own angelic voice as well as breathing techniques, chakra tuning and voice exercises, gently preparing the participants to sing their own song. On the final day I sang my own song and found contrary to my previous ideas, I do have a fine singing voice! once I got started I did not want to stop! Her sweet kind nature made me feel so comfortable, while encouraging me to step out of the comfort zone with my singing. The experience was deliciously invigorating, freeing and heart opening.

I came away from the retreat with a new burst of creativity and confidence and enthusiasm and a new perspective on music, which I have always loved, along with sweet memories of singing and dancing in a stunning setting with beautiful people and connecting with new friends. Sign me up for the next one! Thank you so much! " Patrick Curtin    Posted: 4/24/10




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