KarmaCamp, for teens and adults

KarmaCamp, for teens and adults, is an experiential journey of service in a retreat setting. We will live a daily practice of yoga, meditation and community service. The karma yoga, selfless service, will open our hearts and minds to experience the truth directly that when you help others self-lessly, the work is liberating and the rewards are everlasting.

KarmaCamp (KC) began in 2004 in Bamako, Mali, West Africa, where the abundant opportunities to serve in the community inspired a voice to call others to do the same and experience the joy that comes when we open our practice to serving others.

KarmaCamp had its first retreat in 2006, with MovingVentures, in Bali, Indonesia. Twenty four massage students from the USA, Japan, Bali, Java, Great Britain and Australia participated by serving at Senang Hati, a home and center for physically challenged Indonesian persons. As a group we gave healing massage to the individuals of Senang Hati. Tama Walley, KC founder, also taught yoga and breathing exercises tailored to the needs of our Senang Hati friends who are all mobile by wheelchairs. The result was absolutely positive for everyone involved. The work awakened our minds and connected us beyond any cultural or language differences. We joined forces and we realized that we are one in the power of the human spirit. This knowledge is now a part of everyone that participated. With daily practice, this experience will continue to change our lives and the lives of those we meet.

Once our eyes are opened to the truth, there is no turning back. And in our current global reality, there is no time to lose. Take a chance on yourself and be inspired.

KarmaCamp is commited to serving in communities of need. We will return to Bali, Indonesia in June 2007 to continue the work with our friends at Senang Hati. Please join us and discover your potential...

As a student in the massage training KarmaCamp will be part of your coursework or you may come along specifically as a KarmaCamp retreat participant, from 1-4 weeks, to tune in with daily practice of yoga, meditation, dance and community service.

Or you may make a donation to the karma camp fund. No amount is too big or small.

Your participation makes a difference and the effects keep multiplying. Please contact us with any questions regarding KarmaCamp or donations. There are many opportunities to donate your skills in the world of community service. We need you!


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