Introducing The Dream Center

Our Mission

MovingVentures School, a 501(c)3, not-for-profit educational organization, is dedicated to offering trainings, workshops, and retreats in the field of holistic & preventative health care, which includes: bodywork/massage, yoga & dance, meditation, diet and nutrition. By offering these trainings and providing scholarships to those in need, MVS creates open-hearted, soulful connections that bridge racial, religious, economic and social differences within a community.

The Challenge:

An increasing number of minimum wage earning individuals, particularly women, are finding it difficult to make sufficient income to provide themselves and their families with basic food, shelter, clothing, health care, and education.

The Promise:

Ellen Watson and the faculty of MovingVentures School will offer a proven, professional training program in holistic and preventative health that includes: Personal Development, Professional Training, and Business Development/Employment Assistance. This program, initiated at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, in 1989, and Bali, Indonesia, in 1996, has certified and placed over 350 students, allowing graduates to earn a sustainable living.

The Program:

The Dream Center bridges racial, religious, economic and social differences by offering movement classes, bodywork sessions, workshops and retreats open to all, and serves a model of healthy, communal living and service. Bringing together a diverse group of women, The Dream Center fosters friendships, mentoring, learning and understanding that cut across social economic status.

The Dream Center will offer low-income women scholarships to complete our successful somatic arts training program, culminating in certification. Members of the staff of MVS will assist certified graduates of our programs in securing employment or funding for start up businesses in the field of holistic & preventative health and well being.

The Dream Center is:

A time and place to share hopes, fears, tears, laughter, challenges, ideas... to make friends, change minds, change give and receive deeply restorative massage. To learn, dare, overcome. To focus on goals and results.


Moving Venture's Refund Policy

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