Esalen® Massage and the New Paradigm

by David Streeter

The term "New Paradigm" refers to recent discoveries in Quantum Physics that began with Albert Einstein. In Quantum Physics every single particle in the Universe, even particles of light, are somehow connected together. They even signal to each other over great distances in some unusual way. Look closely and one discovers that these "particles" have no solid form, and the notion that building blocks create the physical organism no longer has a firm foundation. Therefore, nothing is solid. There are just various grades and levels of molecular energy. This energy in Chinese medicine is known as "Chi" and its qualities are Yin (the dark or receptive force), and Yang ( the light or active force).

The flow of Chi serves as a guiding force or second consciousness throughout life, and if trusted, reveals the wisdom of the body. Each organism relates to another, bringing a universal cohesiveness to all living things. This concept of integration perplexed even Einstein.

The holistic concept of nature entwined with the human organism is the very heart of Esalen bodywork. Esalen massage practitioners think holistically and acknowledge the intimate relationship of the body in terms of thoughts, emotions, and spirit connecting with the world around us. As a life force we are intimately bound together and dependent upon one another.

Esalen massage practice flows from moment to moment. Practitioners learn to listen to a wise and wonderful guiding voice that speaks clearly in regard to the application,duration, pressure, the "everything" that encompasses a great Esalen massage. Some may call it "intuition", but it is much more profound than that. It is a transcendence that brings transformation to both the giver and the receiver. It is the restorative, illuminating quality of "just this" that makes the experience of Esalen massage impossible to define.

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If you are interested in becoming a certified Esalen® Massage Therapist you must take an Esalen® Massage Certification course before you can publically claim to offer Esalen® Massage.

You may take a Esalen® Massage Certifcation workshop with Moving Venutures or choose to find one at Esalen.


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