Press Invitation

Occasion: Ceremony to present 10 Taksu Spa Therapists with Esalen® Massage Training Certificates by Ellen Watson, Esalen Institute, California, USA

Significance: Currently, Taksu is the only spa with a full team of practicing Esalen® Massage Therapists

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Place: Taksu Spa and Restaurant, Jln Goutama Selatan, Ubud

Time: 8:30am – 10:30am

8:30am – 9:15am – Complimentary Breakfast and Socialization with staff
9:15am – 9:45am – Ceremony with Picture Taking Opportunities
9:45am – 10:30am – Question and Answer session with Ellen Watson, Taksu Management
and Taksu Spa Therapists
10:30 – 1:30pm – Complimentary Esalen™ Massage

RSVP: Please confirm attendance by Monday, November 7th by 12 noon to Dewi on or call (0361) 971 490


About Esalen® Massage
On-line encyclopedia, Wikipedia, claims there are over eighty different recognized massage modalities and if you investigate long enough you can find many of them in Bali. One of the most therapeutic massages is Esalen®, a style which has become known as the art of ‘conscious touch’. It uses long, slow strokes along the entire body to awaken awareness, and as the tissues open to the warmth of touch the contact deepens, nudging bound-up muscles. With deepened contact, it draws forth expanded movement. Also part of the Esalen® Massage experience is a gentle rocking of the body, passive joint exercises and deep structural work on the muscles and joints, all culminating with energetic body balancing.
According to the world renowned Esalen Institute, the effects of this intentional touch, loosely categorized as "wellness/stress management massage", ranges widely. For some, it brings a renewed sense of health and vigor, others may regain a sense of safety with regard to touch. Often old tension patterns break free and hidden emotions are released. It signals a return to one's nature, a switch from everyday consciousness into a calmer, more colorful space that is less inhabited by the constraints of time and place. Everyone enjoys this special oasis of life which is created by Esalen’s gentle, soothing touch.
Esalen® Massage is particularly therapeutic for people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain as the massage helps to relieve tension in the muscles and joints. Esalen® sessions can also improve circulation, relieve high blood pressure, help with sleeping difficulties and alleviate migraines.
About the Training
Rigorous training incorporating anatomy, physiology, alignment, self care movements, dance, meditation and nutrition to broadly educate the students in awareness that giving a massage encompasses more than oiling and touching a body.
Following the 350 hour training and intensive practice on fellow spa therapists, there is mandatory 30 client Practicum sessions usually completed within one month.
The lengthy process culminates by an assessment of technical knowledge, spoken language ability, massage etiquette and delivery of a professional Esalen® massage.
All 10 therapists pass the tests with flying colors. Currently, Taksu is the only spa on the island with a full team of certified and practicing therapists
To celebrate their recent certification by Ellen Watson, an internationally acclaimed instructor a 30% discount is offered on a 90 minute Esalen® massage. Throughout November 2011, experience the talented hands of Taksu’s intuitive therapists as they craft a session based on client needs, not just a typical massage sequence.
About Ellen Watson and the Esalen Institute
Ellen Watson is celebrating her 25th year on staff at the renowned Esalen Institute, where she studies, practices and teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice. A licensed minister, Ellen believes that the core of all healing begins in the realm of the heart and the Spirit. Among her greatest pleasures are opening the door for people to dance, to sing and play and pray, to touch and be touched. She is passionate about spreading the good news about how waking up can heal and transform the mind, body and soul. Ellen is a teacher of Esalen® Massage, Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms™, Holotropic™ Breathwork, SpiritDance, The Art of Essential Touch, and Your Body is a Musical Instrument. From 1984 through 2003, Ellen developed and administered the Movement Arts Program at Esalen.
About Ellen Watson and MovingVentures™ School
In 1996, Ellen founded MovingVentures™ School, a non-profit with legal USA tax status. Its mission is education in the somatic arts, focusing on women and men in developing countries, and the southern USA. MovingVentures™ faculties offer workshops, retreats, and trainings in Esalen, Bali, and other inspiring locations around the globe.
During a difficult decade in Indonesia that saw bombings, a devastating tsunami, SARS, Bird Flu and record unemployment, Moving Ventures established a unique scholarship program that trains local people to earn a sustainable living by providing massage to tourists. One of these scholarship students, a traditional Balinese healer now incorporating Esalen® Massage into her work, was featured in the bestseller, "Eat, Pray, Love," by Elizabeth Gilbert. In Bali, they conduct a unique "Karma Kamp" that puts massage certification students to work treating local people with disabilities, many of whom have never before experienced a healing touch.
Inspired by Bill Clinton's book "Giving," Moving Ventures deepened their commitment to serve by collaborating with Kubca Samakta, a vocational school for hearing and speech impaired youth in central Java. They help fund and build a facility where students may learn and practice massage, allowing them to earn a livelihood.
They are proud of the work being done in Indonesia, helping local people in need by teaching sustainable employment skills while fostering cross-cultural learning and appreciation that bridges racial, religious, economic and social differences. .


Moving Venture's Refund Policy

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