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Taksu Spa Event - November 9th 2011

Ceremony to present 10 Taksu Spa Terapists with Esalen* massage Training Certificates by Ellen Watson, Esalen Institure, California, USA

Asia Spa Magazine 2010 - Shedding The Layers

by Rebecca Walker

Healing Oneself: Ellen Watson's Esalen Journey

from Massage and Bodyword Magazine, July/August 2008 [download this article in .pdf format here] Twice widowed and once divorced, 36-year-old Ellen Watson arrived at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California,… [2008-08-01]

MovingVentures School: A Focus on Community Service


Esalen® Massage - What is it All About?

Esalen® Massage is a healing art that has evolved over the last several decades at Esalen Institute. People the world over have come to Big Sur to learn this form… [2008-02-27]

Esalen® Massage and the New Paradigm

The term "New Paradigm" refers to recent discoveries in Quantum Physics that began with Albert Einstein. In Quantum Physics every single particle in the Universe, even particles of light, are… [2008-02-27]

ELLEN WATSON - From Success to Service: The Evolution of a Teacher

COMMUNITY SERVICE • ESALEN® MASSAGE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION • INSPIRING DANCE AND MOVEMENT RETREATS WORLDWIDE   Ellen Watson, world-renown movement teacher and global change catalyst, developed the Movement Arts Program… [2008-02-27]

Introducing The Dream Center

Our Mission MovingVentures School, a 501(c)3, not-for-profit educational organization, is dedicated to offering trainings, workshops, and retreats in the field of holistic & preventative health care, which includes: bodywork/massage, yoga… [2008-02-27]

KarmaCamp, for teens and adults

KarmaCamp, for teens and adults, is an experiential journey of service in a retreat setting. We will live a daily practice of yoga, meditation and community service. The karma yoga,… [2008-02-27]



A Video Tour of MovingVentures School

Take a tour of MovingVentures School and see for yourself what we do! [2008-03-04]

Esalen®Massage Demonstration

Watch Ellen demonstate giving an Esalen® Massage.

A Video on Ellen's Work

Listen to Ellen talks about her work.

Ellen's Work in Croatia

Ellen talks about bringing her work to Croatia.

Poetry and Inspiration

I've Brought You a Mirror

Those Who Don't Feel this Love

Come, Dance with Me 

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